Finding your independence again can be an eye opening experience.  Since losing my sight, i've used many means of transportation to get around, adding GO GO GRANDPARENT to my arsenal  has been a great experience for me.  

It has solved my problem when it came to UBER.  As a person with vision limitations, UBER does not have a number to call to order a ride.  That really places someone like me on the do not use list.  So one day while once again trying to get my information into uber, an add popped up for GO GO GRANDPARENT, i immediately clicked on it and it placed me onto their site.

 After reading through the information i called the number and signed up.  The person at the other end of the phone was very helpful and placed all of  my information into the system for me.  It has given me  a real sense of independence that had been lacking before now.  

The drivers they send are courteous, prompt, very helpful when getting in and out, and conversational.  all great traits to have when using a service.  I've used them several times now and am very pleased . I will be going to the theatre this week-end and will be using the service once again.  I'm sure all will go well.

Watch the video below and see if this is not something that can help you with your independence. 

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