Low Vision Centers How Can You Benefit

Have you been trying to find assistance for your low vision? There are low vision centers across the United States that are designed just for people with low vision disorders. These can help you with treatments, understanding your vision loss and even help you rehabilitate your vision so you can have a better quality of life.

Services You’ll Find at a Low Vision Center

Every center is different, but most of them have one goal: to help you manage your lifestyle with low vision. Some services you can expect to find at a low vision center include:

  • Independent Living Skills – Routine, every day skills are difficult with low vision, but they aren’t impossible. A centers can help you learn how to live on your own and adjust those skills based on your level of vision – including cooking, cleaning and managing your finances.
  • Computer Training – A lot of low vision rehabilitation facilities offer computer classes and low vision aids that make using those computers easier. You’ll see how these aids can help you send/receive email, surf the web, use keyboards and even print out documents you need.
  • Social Gatherings – You might feel as though you are alone if you have low vision, which is why these centers help with recreational activities and fun socializing events.
  • Braille Lessons – You will learn how to read, write and understand Braille.
  • Low Vision Aid Access and Training – These training sessions introduce you to the different low vision technologies and assistive technologies available. They can include voice recognition software, talking clocks, television magnifiers, computer screen magnifiers, etc.
  • Low Vision App Access – Some low vision centers also offer access to low vision apps, like Learning Ally Audio. This app helps make reading more accessible using 75,000 audiobooks, including textbooks. You can buy the Learning Ally app through Low Vision Technologies as well.

How to find a  Center

There are numerous centers throughout the United States. Some of the best include:

Vision Aware – Provides directory of local and national services, information on how to perform daily activities, and also has an online support community. 


Vision Serve Alliance – Located in St. Louis, they represent various non-profit groups that help with a wide variety of services for visually impaired individuals.
(314) 961-8235


Most local centers offer various services to help you as you go about living with low vision.

Independent Living Skills – Learn how to perform routine every day activities that may now seem impossible.

Some cities offer programs where they take you into an actual home or apartment and show you how to adjust in terms of cleaning, cooking, and even identifying your money.

learning computer skills at low vision center

Computer Training – Some cities offer classes so you can learn how to use low vision aids that make navigating your computer easier.

Examples of what you will learn are printing documents, accessing email, navigating the Internet, using large print keyboards, etc.

Recreational Gatherings – Usually once a week, centers may offer a time for lunch and socializing, as well as fun activities such as arts and crafts.

Braille Classes – Learn how to read and write Braille.

Low Vision Aids – These are sessions where you can learn about the various technologies available to you, such as talking clocks, voice recognition software, computer screen magnifiers, amplified phones, etc.

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