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Low Vision Audios through  Technologies is constantly expanding our readers’ knowledge about low vision and living with visual impairment. These low vision audio files are meant to teach you about the different technologies available and even answer your questions regarding clinical trials, iPad Technology available, apps for low vision and genetics.

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from Hadley School  For The blind

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Gene Therapy

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iPad & iPhone - Hot Crackin Apps

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Participating in a Clinical Trial

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Attending a School for the Blind

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Building or Re-building Your Career

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The iPhone & iPad for Veterans and Seniors

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Should You Participate in a Clinical Trial?

There are dozens of clinical trials across the country held for those with low vision. If you are currently living with low vision, you may qualify for a clinical trial in your area. These trials are designed to not only offer treatment resources, but potential aids so that you can cope better with your low vision diagnosis. In some cases there are drug trials that may help reduce the progression of your low vision-causing disease. It is always best to speak to your physician before ever signing up for a clinical trial, because most have strict requirements in terms of the type of low vision disorder you have, age and overall health.

low vision audios and apps, do they really work?

Low vision apps were designed for people suffering from low vision so that they can function. From telling you the weather to helping you track your way back home and count the change in your pocket, these apps are revolutionary. Anyone suffering from low vision should consider a low vision aid or app. These apps have come a long way and while some are paid for, the amount of money you pay for these compared to other assistive technologies is nominal. New apps are added each week, so Low Vision Technologies will keep you updated on the latest technology. You can also sign up for our newsletter so that you are informed of new apps available right away.

What About School or Your Career?

In our audio files we discuss that low vision, while difficult, is not something that should impede your ability to learn or even work in the future. Hundreds of people with low vision carry stead jobs, go to college and function just fine. With the apps available on Low Vision Technologies as well as the assistive technology equipment available for those with low vision, you can keep going to school, work and other social activities.

Are There Low Vision Apps for seniors?

Seniors aren’t all familiar with iPhones and iPads, but luckily there are apps available that will help them read a little easier. EyeSight, for example, is an app that helps replace handheld magnifiers and CCTVs that are difficult for seniors to use as they age. It also has an intuitive magnifier and color enhancer tool so you can see more clearly. Get EyeSight here.

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