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Our technology reviews at Low Vision Technologies,  will find comprehensive user reviews on the latest low vision technology. We only review the products that we think will make a difference in your life. And, each product is tested to the limits to make sure it really helps a low vision sufferer function better. 

Our technology reviews don’t just give you an overview — they are in-depth and cover:

  • Cost versus value — so you know if the assistive technology device is worth the price and the value it will add to your daily life.
  • Technical data – we get the information from the manufacturer, including specifications, and deliver them in our review.
  • Operations – We push these technological devices to the max — making sure they can hold up to everyday wear and tear.
  • Usability – We want to know how difficult a product is and we will let you know if it is complex, easy-to-use or needs some training before you get started.

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If you are tired of your poor vision interfering with the things that are most important to you, then combat it with a new piece of equipment that will improve your overall quality of life. Macular degeneration can be a slow process that eventually diminishes your vision and keeps you from seeing what you want. 

This can make it incredibly difficult to do even the smallest things such as read or write. You may find your low vision is interfering with your ability to navigate your city. Maybe low vision has made it impossible for you to feel safe crossing the street because you can't see the signs. 
New Technology Aids Your Lifestyle OrCam is a product that is high tech and has been designed to help you live better with your low vision. The company was founded in 2010 and immediately began focusing on how they could provide an aid to those with low vision. It was decided that the aid should be discreet and easy to use.    
All too often, it can be difficult to carry around reading devices or tools to help you see well. OrCam was designed to be able to provide you with what you need simply and easily. With very simple commands, the camera in the device can view objects and words and communicate to you what it sees.   For example, by pointing your finger at a sign or group of words on a menu, OrCam will read the words to you. This technology allows you to better interact with the world around you, even if you cannot clearly see it. OrCam is great because it is easy to wear. It attaches right to your glasses and can be discreetly worn whenever you go out. You will be able to feel more confident in everything you do.   Start getting excited about this new device as OrCam is coming to America soon.

Latest technology reviews:  eSight Glasses

eSight Eyewear from the eSight Corporation is one of the more recent inventions for the low vision community. It is a remarkable product that helps bring up your visual capacity and often allows you to see what you haven’t seen in years — if ever. 

The Lighthouse School for the Blind put on a demonstration using the eSight Eyewear product. A man with low vision and suffering from 20/400 was able to get his vision back to 20/40 using the eyewear product. 

After I had read this in the paper, I was intrigued. I wanted to see if it was truly possible to change your vision with such a dramatic increase. I called Lighthouse to see if I could do a demonstration with the glasses too and I was put in touch with a representative from eSight Corporation. I was immediately placed on a demonstration waiting list.

The product was every bit as amazing as they had said. As a sufferer of Angioid Streaks and macular degeneration for over 25 years, it was as if my vision had dramatically improved. I was reading at 20/20 with the eSight Eyewear product and I was instantly sold on their promises. 

You can see a quick video on how eSight Eyewear works right here on Low Vision Technologies.

While the cost of eSight Eyewear is very high, it is worth the value. For those who cannot read, use computers or even see what is around them, eSight Eyewear brings your vision back to life, helps you see and even experience what is around you. 

This device is not yet approved by the VA or other grant programs, but it is one of the many remarkable advances in low vision today.

Apps for Those Who Cannot Afford ESight Eyewear

Not everyone can afford eSight Eyewear, but there are apps that can compensate (somewhat) and help you see well. Sight Compass, for example, is an app that helps you visualize what is around you, even if you cannot see clearly. It helps you navigate your surroundings and is compatible with VoiceOver. For more information or to purchase Sight Compass, visit the Low Vision Technologies purchase page

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Maxi-Aids A Review Of Their Product Lines


Low Vision Technologies is proud to partner with Maxi-Aids, a leader in adaptive products and technologies for independent living. Maxi-Aids products are designed to enhance your lifestyle at work, home, or school, and can assist you in your everyday activities no matter your need. This includes those who are blind or low-vision, or who have hearing difficulties, mobility issues, medical needs, or other household needs. Here is a quick look at Maxi-Aids, including some of the products the company offers!

Company Overview

Maxi-Aids was founded in 1986 and is based in Farmingdale, New York. The company creates and supplies useful, innovativeitems with their own workers in mind, because Maxi-Aids is owned and primarily operated by individuals who are blind, deaf, or autistic.Each adaptive product is designed tohelp promote easier, more independent lifestyles.

Known for being receptive to its customers, Maxi-Aids actively seeks feedback and continually searches for new product ideas. Their website’s online catalog boasts over 6,000 products in many different categories. With such abig selection at your fingertips, you can find numerous tools that make it easy to watch television, read, drive, and browse the Internet. You can use talking gadgets to take your temperature or blood pressure without hassle, or amplified and vibrating telephones to alert you to phone calls and messages.These items are designed specifically for your needs, to support and enrich your everyday activities.

Product Highlight: For Vision or Hearing Loss

If you or someone you know has low vision or is blind, consider trying or suggesting an adaptive aid from Maxi-Aid. You can purchase low vision watches, reading aids, keyboards, and magnifiers of all sizes and types. These and other products are adaptable for adults, children, and students. In addition, Maxi-Aids offers many talking products such as clocks, watches, thermostats, digital readers, and books. If you have medical needs, you can also find talking thermometers, heart rate monitors, scales, and blood pressure monitors. One cell phone even offers easy wireless access to music and audio books.

For those who have hearing loss, many other items and tools are available. In addition to hearing aid batteries and other accessories, Maxi-Aid sells amplified telephones as well as vibrating alarms and watches. Available alerting devices can be used for the front door, for smoke alarms, and to assist you with driving. You can also purchase paging devices for use with family members or in an emergency situation.

Product Highlight: Mobility, Medical, and More

For anyone with mobility challenges, Maxi-Aid sells crutches, support canes, motorized scooters, rollators, walkers and walker accessories, and wheelchairs. Medical accessories include blood glucose monitors for diabetics, blood pressure machines, and bathroom aids.

Maxi-Aids has many other household, computer, and back-to-school adaptive products. The huge selection includes calculators, games and toys, screen magnifiers, and computer systems. You can also find software and scan-read devices to help you increase and enhance your computer usage and experience.

Try An Adaptive Product Today

As the Maxi-Aids product line expands, your day-to-day activities will only get easier. Are you getting curious about some of the products? No matter your needs, you can find an adaptive item to help increase your mobility and independence. Consider adding assistive products today to make your life easier. You can trust in Maxi-Aids, a company committed to providing innovative, adaptive products designed for your needs. Browse the catalog today and see how Maxi-Aids can help you!

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