Low Vision Technologies
About Us and History


Low Vision Technologies about us is here to help those suffering from low vision still function in their daily lives. From offering advice to discussing common causes of low vision, we want to support those in our community who are affected.
Low Vision Technologies addresses disorders that include:

Macular Degeneration
Dry Macular Degeneration
Diabetic Retinopathy
…and more

A Little About Us, History and Low Vision Technologies

When I was 40, I was diagnosed with Angioid Streaks. Ever since my diagnosis I have been on a mission to find alternative therapies and assistive technologies that can help me still function. It has been 25 years since my original diagnosis, and I have taken my passion for helping others with low vision to create Low Vision Technologies.
Through my own experiences, I have found the right types of assistive technology for those with low vision. They have helped me in my everyday life from reading to writing to even driving.
One of the biggest therapies, and most effective therapies, I have seen is micro acupuncture. I used this treatment for eight years and it helped slow the progression of my eye disease tremendously. In fact, my physicians at Northwestern University Hospital have said my eyes have not changed for over 10 years.
There is hope if you have been diagnosed with low vision. I want to bring to light the things you can do to see better and function better, regardless of your vision. Through my own research, I have discovered numerous applications, assistive technologies and other alternative treatments for common low vision disorders. I research clinical trials, check out new drug trials and I’m always striving to find new advances in treatment for low vision.
I have used many different types of assistive technology. Some of the more

notable include:

Telescopes so that I can drive.
Computer programs that anatomically enlarge the text for me to see.
An Intel reader that helps me reads  by photographing the text, then reading it back to me. 

I also use telescopics for watching television, .  these are just a few of the products that i use to help me get about and help me to read.  There are many others that i have tried to use.  Some work some do not.  

There are always new products coming along to help those of us with low vision.  An example of this would be the new product from Orcam.  You can find the video under technology reviews.  Although it is not in America yet, i have been assured from the company, that it will arrive in the later impart of this year.  Believe me when i tell you, i will be the first one in line to get this product.

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