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the e-bot-pro

E-Sight Eyewear


The most revolutionary product to come along in many years.  It will take the place of many different reading devices now on the market.  This is just the beginning for this company from Israel. 

Follow me through my journey with the OrCam.

E-Sight Glasses

eSight eyewear from eSight Corporation is the most recent addition to the low vision marketplace.  These remarkable glasses can bring your vision to numbers you have not seen in many years. 

When the Lighthouse School for the Blind here in Glenview IL put on a demonstration of the new eyewear, a gentleman with vision of 20/400 was astonished when his vision was brought back to 20/40. 

After I read this in the local newspaper, I immediately called the Lighthouse to see if I could arrange to try the glasses, to see if they would work for me. 

I was told that a representative of the company would call and get my information, to arrange for a demonstration. 

I received my phone call within days and was then placed on the list to receive a demonstration.  The Lighthouse called me and arranged for my demonstration.

Imagine my shock after living with a rare form of Macular Degeneration called Angioid Streaks for over 25 years that I had finally found something that could really change the way I see. 

With eSight eyewear I was able to read at 20/20 for the first time. I wanted to take the glasses home right then and there.

Before I say anything else, take a look at this video to understand exactly what these glasses are and what they can do for you:

Although as you heard, the cost is very high, I’m sure over some time it will start to come down. 

If you need financing the company can help you with that. There are grants out there for the legally blind that will help with technology costs. 

If you're a veteran like me, you will need to wait for the veterans to approve this device for use to its veterans with low vision.  Hopefully that will come sooner than later. 

This is one of the most remarkable technologies for low vision today. Imagine what’s still to come for all of us with low vision.


Newest Hi-Tech Medical Procedures

if your like me you will need to stop the video to read the information 

Technology Demonstration Videos

In Your Pocket

The OrCam Read 


The New Patriot Pro 

the new Bose frames

latest version

iris vision 

The Book Port Plus DT 

Visee magnifier has a usb port as well as a connection for your tv

via opta nav 
a navigation system for low vision users


Apples constant array of changes to product is always a welcome addition to  those  of us that use accessibilities.  The Home-Kit is no exception, it will astonish you with what it can do to make you more independent. take a tour through this video.


NuEyes featuring ODG Smart Glasses is the first ever lightweight, wireless, head worn device that is voice activated for the visually impaired. Whether you want to read, watch TV or movies, see the faces of loved ones, NuEyes can help! For more information or to book a FREE In-Home Demo please visit or call (800) 605-4033


Can This Bracelet Help The Blind and Those With Low Vision Better Understand Their Surroundings

Last month, Ustraap won the $50,000 Gold Prize at MassChallenge, a startup accelerator program in Boston, and received a $25,000 technology award from Perkins, the leading organization supporting the visually impaired around the world. Perkins experts are also serving as mentors to the Ustraap team and offering their knowledge about the needs of the visually impaired community. The Ustraap bracelet is currently available to pre-order for $349 and is set to ship next April.

the traveler hd

Using elements never before seen in video magnification, the Traveller HD offers the smoothest reading experience in the world. With the unique Slide-and-Read mechanism and a rolling support base, you can effortlessly navigate the entire text in an entirely new way.

autonomous driving
start dates as early as 2016

Airport Navigation System

As part of San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee's Entrepreneur-In-Residence program, SFO partners with and LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired to develop a prototype app which can guide passengers through Terminal 2.

HIMS, Low Vision Magnifiers,

HIMS, Human Information Management Service

A company out of Korea, started in 1999, makes products for the blind and low vision spectrum.

Their products are very high tech, always pushing the products closer to perfection.  They seem to come up with at least one new product each year.

 The E-Bot Pro

Connect E-bot PRO to your iPad™ or Android™ tablet, Mac™ or PC to view and interact with your reading, writing or distance magnification image. Navigate your reading material smoothly and easily using joystick control or touch-screen gestures which move the camera in response to your touch. Use E-bot PRO to read a book, see the whiteboard or take notes in class.  OCR scan a full page of text, then listen to it read aloud through a built-in speaker or headset (speaker jack available for earphone or headset).

Display E-bot on your Windows PC or MacBook laptop. Set up is quick and the USB connection is easy, so moving from classroom to classroom or between the office and conference room is hassle-free.


With high definition color, the quality of the picture is very clear, and because it is HD, the magnification need not be as high for reading.

That also gives you a wider range to the document you're reading...thereby not having to move the article around to read.

There's also a line that has been added for reading, making it easier for your eye to follow along while you are reading. 

There are also shadow boxes built in for reading, by highlighting a section it makes it much easier to read.

There are 7 colors to choose from for the screen. And within the menu, there are another 32 offered.

The center button controls the magnification zoom. 

The third button is the power, along with a contrast wheel under the power button. The monitor is very easy to move around, whether pulling it closer to you, or turning the screen to the side. 

The table underneath is very easy to move around and can be locked into place when necessary. It's a one cord system, just plug it in and go. 

The screen sizes are 19”, 22”, and possibly a 24” at a later date.

There is also a place to connect your computer to the monitor.  This is great for enlarging your screens. 

The price tag on this is around $3,000.00 for smaller screens, and those without HD, of course, will lower the price tag on this CCTV.

My rating:  FOUR STARS.

CANDY, Hand Held HD Magnifier

A five inch screen with HD that, of course, gives a much clearer picture. The zoom magnification is very smooth.

Just push the button and it moves continuously until you let go. A great option. From 1.5 x to 22x, quite remarkable.

This also comes with a handle if you need one. 

My rating: FOUR STARS

There is also a 3.5” screen that will fit right into your hand. Great for the supermarket and reading labels and price tags.

My rating: FOUR STARS

Also, there's a product called Sense View Duo. It has two cameras and is great for long distance reading. Just point and store the image.  You can read up to 1m away and it can store up to 20 pictures for easy access, like train schedules, etc. 

My rating: FIVE STARS

HIMS has wonderful products that are very easy to use. As we all struggle for optimal magnification, these products will definitely get you there.  Check them all out at the HIMS Inc.


Newest Apple Tech Toys

iPhone 11 all models


Accessability Videos From Hadley With Narrator Douglas Walker

These videos are a step by step explanation for each 
icon use wether it be the magnifier, voice-over or zoom

Once again, the Apple has fallen from the tree to reveal a new technology that's going to be here to stay. 

Pick it up and take a good look at this one. 

The future is here: Fingerprint Identity sensor, along with 64 bit architecture, an eyesight camera, and ultra-fast wireless connection.

Every new iPhone comes with better-than-ever versions of iPhoto, iMovie, Garage Band, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. So you can be creative and productive right from the start.

You also get great apps for email, surfing the web, sending texts, making Face Time calls — there's even an app for finding new apps.

All that and for those of us with low vision, voice to help us have easy access to our favorite apps, from magnifiers to our favorite GPS, our money readers, and all of the other wonderful apps made available to us through the Apple App Store. Enjoy!

My rating: FIVE STARS