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Are you looking for low vision products that can help you function better in your everyday life? We understand how hard it is to find products designed for the low vision community. That is why we have compiled a list of technology, applications and low vision software that helps you live more independently, work more efficiently and even remain social.

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ZoomText For Mac 

It has been brought to my attention that ZoomText will no longer be available for the Apple Mac.  For those of us that use this system for magnification and speech, this came as quite a blow.  Not only had we paid for ZoomText Mac, but we also purchased our apple mac's at quite the hefty price i might add, and now ZoomText was throwing us to the curb and i might add with no notification that they were going to do this.  Although i've called and sent an email i have received no reply from them .  This all happens with the upgrade to Mohave.  

You can however keep your ZoomText if you do not do the upgrade.  This is what i have chosen to do.  the upgrade is internal to the computer and does not make that much of a difference to the system.  I have however taken a lesson with voice-over as well as Zoom on my mac so that when i must do an upgrade i won't be left out in the cold not being able to use my Mac.  You can take a lesson with your disabilities support people from Apple, they were very helpful to me and i am very grateful for their help.

I will keep practicing the voice-over and zoom until i have it down pat.  Then when i need to upgrade it will be seamless .  We can thank Apple for being their for us when we needed them.  ZoomText however needs to be forgotten.

blind and low vision aids
the white cane 

Europa Superior Folding Canes with Screw on Tip

Made of heavy gauge aluminum. Tapered joints for maximum rigidity. Double strand inner elastic. Golf grip with wrist loop. Reflective white center sections. Red bottom sections. Lightweight - only 9 oz. New screw-on nylon glide tip.

Low Vision Magnifiers

The Mercury Handheld Portable Video Magnifier is a touch based live magnification device that can perform accurate full page OCR. With Mercury you get a wide 6.5-inch display screen with built-in LED light and much mor

Low Vision Calculators

Jumbo Talking Calculator

The wide keys mae this calculator a must to have for those of us with low vision.  It comes with large lcd screen for easy reading, but that will take backseat to the talking response you will get when tapping one of the keys.  There is a high, low, and off to the voice, as well as ear buds for privacy.  standard year, date, and time are also added for even more convenience.  Click Here.

Apple Apps

Making Your Life Easier One App At A Time

With technology moving at such a fast pace today, it was imperative that the Apple Apps needed to be included in our store.

From Magnifiers to GPS, we are forever grateful to the developers of these and many other Apps that help us to get around, read our money, and even tell us what we are looking at. 

The iTunes Store is the best way to play your music, read a book, find Apps that really work, including the Mac Apps.

And with the new iPhone 5s fingerprint technology, you need only use your print to pay online. Thank you Apple for helping make our lives inclusive.

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