Blurred Eye Vision

Blurred Eye vision occurs when a person lacks the sharpness and detail in their vision. Often this results in not being able to make out fine details. It can also  occur because of a degenerative disorder, birth defect, etc. While most people can get away with blurred vision by using corrective lenses, others cannot find relief.

As a person who has dealt with low vision for the last 25 years, I urge you to take your blurry vision seriously, as it can be an indication of a far greater issue.

what are the causes

There are numerous reasons why a person could suffer from blurred vision. Temporary issues, such as migraine or interference with medications, are common causes of this kind of vision., other reasons include:

   Presbyopia – A condition that makes it difficult to focus on objects that are close - usually appearing in a person’s late 40s.

Diabetic or Diabetes-Related Eye Disease

  • Macular Degeneration
  • Eye Infection
  • Eye Inflammation
  • Retinal Detachment
  • Stroke
  • Brain Tumor

If your low vision is temporary, your quality of life will be restored once the condition causing your vision goes away. But, for thousands of consumers, this is a permanent issue. And, because of that, these individuals need assistance with everyday things, including reading, writing, watching television and even answering or dialing a phone number.

How to Cope with Blurred Eye Vision

You should always consult a physician for a recommended course of treatment or any assistive technology equipment that might be covered by your insurance. If your vision is temporary, insurance may not cover the cost of assistive technology.

 There are assistive technologies out there, however, that will help you visualize and focus in on objects even if you are suffering from low vision. These types of visual aids help a person maximize their vision, even if it is blurry, so that they can remain independent.

 The most common type of assistive technology for those with blurry vision are apps. These apps are available on a smartphones and tablets and can help you do everything from identify colors to locate local restaurants to using a calculator.

VOCalc, for example, is an app that allows you to calculate what you need without glasses or worrying about your vision affecting your ability to see. Its interface is rapid, smart and the buttons are enhanced so that you can see what you are inputting into the calculator. This app is also compatible with VoiceOver capabilities, so if you have VoiceOver, you could use the app without actually touching the buttons.

 You can get VOCalc from Low Vision Technologies . We help to bring assistive technology software to those with low vision and so that quality of life is never affected just because a person has less-than-perfect vision.

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