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According to the National Health Interview Survey, there are over 20 million people with vision loss. If you need access to the Internet, it can be upsetting that as devices get smaller, so do the font sizes. The good news is that there are a lot of new and innovative ways to access the web.

Whether you have a vision impairment, an issue with color blindness, or an auditory/hearing impairment, you can use key tools and new features to access the Internet and get the information you need. While auditory and visual disabilities can affect millions, recent advancements are helping to change how we access the web and how accessible the web is for all users. Check out these great features and innovative ways to navigate the websites that you want to access.

Accessibility Enhancements

New features to the iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices are now coming with features to help the visually impaired and those that might be deaf or having a hearing impairment. With innovative technologies, the devices can help you tap into the power you need through assisted device controls. Check out features like vision, hearing, learning, literacy, physical and motor skills, speech recognition, and enhanced volume controls.

Learning Challenges are a Thing of the Past

For those with learning challenges, they may be able to tap into technological advances through features like Siri and Amazon Echo which can help to get information for you from websites and give you instant answers to the questions you have and the data you need.

Assistance With Vision Loss

Whether you have age related macular degeneration, glaucoma, low vision or cataracts, there's help. Having impaired vision or color blindness can sometimes prove challenging, but as more technological advances are taking place, products like Mercury 7 are helping. Mercury 7 is a handheld magnifier and OCS reader that can assist you with reading or navigating the web.

Enhanced Videos to Help you Online

Videos are available for people with low vision to help them see more clearly. With training, instructions, tutorials and how-to's on top products are a thing of the past. Enhanced images bring the descriptions and instructions closer to you and are perfect for ensuring ease of use with everything you want to do on the web. Ready to try an accessibility video? Sign up today. 

About Low Vision Technologies

Low Vision Technologies brings innovation to you. Whether you are just starting to experience vision loss or you've had a condition you've been dealing with all your life, accessibility videos can help you see the world up close to guide you in areas where you might need to see the fine print or learn how to add new online features. Check out Low Vision Technologies today!

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