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, We strive to help those suffering from Low Vision  to gain access to the latest tools, technologies and treatments for their vision loss. On our blog you’ll find the latest updates to the site and you can even join the RSS feed to stay up to date.

Get Updates on the Latest  Apps

 Apps are constantly being added to our database and the Apple Store. Any time we see a new, hot app for those with vision loss we will update you right here on the blog. Also, if you ever see a app on our site, rest assured we can get you the best price (if not make it free) so that you can use that app today.

Find Out More About Eye Diseases 

Have you ever wanted to know what causes low vision in others? We have a complete database here for you to read regarding causing diseases. From glaucoma to cataracts to diabetic retinopathy, you should stay up to date on the latest causes – and hopefully treatments in the future.

Get Our Latest Technology Reviews

There is a lot of assistive technology equipment out there. But, that equipment is often expensive and it can be hard to determine what type of equipment will work best for you or your loved one. We can make the process a little easier by offering our technology reviews. These reviews are comprehensive and are made by real users. We won’t recommend an assistive technology equipment piece unless we know it will make a positive difference in your life.

Low Vision Apps for Students

Children and students suffering from loss of vision just as much as adults. On our blog we will discuss the types of  apps for students and how they can help your child succeed.

App Spotlights

Any time we see an app that we feel will help you, we will spotlight it on our blog. For example, this month we’re featuring the HueVue Colorblind Tools. This helps you identify, match and even coordinate colors regardless of your vision capacity. All you have to do is touch an image to get detailed information about the colors. This helps you buy the perfect gift, pick out your outfit or even color with your child. You can also get this app through our Apps page.

Low Vision Technologies Blog

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navigating our cities

navigating our cities Developing technologies and adaptive products are giving new hope for those with low vision, helping them navigate freely and independently.

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nutrition and the eyes

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Using Complex Carbohydrates to Protect Against Vision Loss

Spiked glucose levels, caused by consuming too many simple carbohydrates, can contribute to the development of age-related macular degeneration

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