Reading Aids for Low Vision

There are numerous reading aids for low vision. In fact, you would be surprised how many offer crystal clear reading that makes you feel as though you don’t have low vision at all. If you haven’t read up on the latest technology for low vision, now is the time. It doesn’t matter if you have diabetic retinopathy, cataracts or even glaucoma, you have options for reading.

Magnifiers for Low Vision

Magnifiers help you read print as well as read a computer screen. You can use hand-held magnifiers, available digitally on your smartphone or a physical device. SeeingAssistant, for example, is a magnifier for iPhones and iPads that uses the camera feature like a magnifying glass. You can use it to read newspapers, magazines and even computer screens. Low Vision Technologies has SeeingAssistant and other reading aid for you on our low vision apps page.

Stand Magnifiers

These are great if you want to use both hands while reading — or while doing crafts and other activities. Stand magnifiers sometimes come with their own lighting, while other varieties don’t. 

Video Magnifiers

Also referred to as CCTV or closed-circuit televisions can be used to read books, computers or even watch TV. These are often bigger and harder to take around, but portable models are available. 

Get Reading Aids for Low Vision That Speak to You

If you want something that is more high tech, you can find reading aids for low vision that read aloud to you. Some computers already come equipped with voice technology that will read aloud what you are viewing on your computer screen. Also, some tablets are now coming with smart technology for those who are visually impaired. 

There are also screen-reading applications you can download to your computer, including:

  • JAWS
  • GW Micro’s Window-Eyes
  • System Access
  • AiSquared’s ZoomText
  • Dolphin Supernova

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