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Low vision software can help you operate your computer more effectively. Back in the day, diagnosis meant you couldn’t use the computer, but new technology  has come a long way. Your disability shouldn’t stop you from browsing the internet, keeping up with social media or even working. You deserve to be independent and function on your own terms — and  software can help you do just that.

What Can Software Do to Help You?

Most  involves a magnification program. These programs help you:

  • Alter the shape, color and size of your mouse pointer or cursor on your screen;
  • Change the color and contrast on your screen so that you can make out shapes and words easier
  • Read textout loud or read it out loud as you type so that you know what you’re reading and writing
  • Create a hands-free scrolling environment
  • Highlight specific text per the settings of your program

Low Vision Software Available for Purchase


This screen-reading software comes with numerous features. It is designed to be used without a mouse and lets you use the hotkeys on your keyboard to navigate. You can read menus, icons and more using JAWS. 

Windows-Eyes from GW Micro

This software features:

  • Reading out grammar and spelling errors
  • Announces applications as they become active on your computer
  • Reads menu options as you put the mouse over them
  • Uses a mouse or hotkeys for controls
  • Can read as you type

Supernova, from Dolphin

  • One of the best applications available
  • Offers complete customization
  • Reads out grammar and spelling errors
  • Can help you open documents, files, etc. 
  • Works with hotkeys or mouse

ZoomText, from AI Squared

  • A simple to use software
  • Doesn’t have narration or text style adjustments
  • Reads out loud as you type
  • Announces applications as they become active
  • Has 29 different voice features
  • Ideal if you’re just starting out.

Life can be easy regardless of your low vision. With these programs, you can operate a computer, get online and stay social.

There are also apps that help you use your smartphone or tablets more efficiently.  DocuScan Plus is a scanner for your smart phone, tablet, or computer.  it reads scans and saves text.  You can get it through our low vision apps page.  It's free.  

As you can see, your life can be made much easier in terms of computer use when you settle on the screen reading software you feel best suits your needs.

If you’d like more help in your understanding, I’ve done a lot of research into the various technological advancement available to those of us with low vision. Fill in the form below and I’ll send you specific details.

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