Low Vision Aids for Children

Low Vision Aids for Children starts by rely on their senses – vision, hearing, etc. – to learn. When a child suffers from low vision, it can be difficult for htem to advance. Luckily there are low vision aids for children that might help them learn and function – regardless of vision loss or impairment. Environmental modifications are often recommended to help children see and interact better. Also, using writing aids may help them learn to write even if they cannot see clearly. 

Low Vision Aids for Children

Children with low vision can increase how much they see by trying to focus on objects that are nearby or squinting to create a pinhole effect. Also, magnifiers help children with low vision see more clearly, especially when it comes to print.

Using Spectacles

Some children are able to see using single-vision spectacles or magnifiers. They will have to work in close distance with the print or objects they are dealing with, but they will be able to see what they are working with a lot easier. Also, single-vision magnifiers are hands-free, so the child has both hands capable for learning.

Hand Held Magnifiers

These are not intended for long-term use, because the child will have to bend over and use at least one hand to operate the magnifier. But, these do come in stronger magnifications, which may be necessary for a child with severe vision loss.

Dome Magnifiers

These are specifically designed to stand on their own and help double the magnification for those who have low vision. They’re easy to use, slide across papers and help children with low vision read print a little easier.

Electronic Devices for Children with Low Vision

There are numerous electronic devices for children who suffer from low vision. A CCTV system, for example, can help a child see at home. There are portable devices, but these types of assistive technology equipment are expensive; therefore, they are only recommended for classrooms and other non-profit organizations that can receive funding.

Low Vision Apps for Children

There are low vision apps for children that can help them read, write and even identify colors. For children with severe vision loss, the use of braille-based apps has been shown effective in learning. BraillePad, for example, is a smartphone application that allows children to write SMS text messages, send email and even create posts for social media – all things that today’s child needs. They use braille code, which helps them develop their messages faster. It is compatible with the new iPhone 5's.

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The extra-short focus monocular telescope is a favorite among children because they can easily magnify objects that are a great distance away, such as bus numbers, street signs, or blackboards.

Be aware, though, that you’ll need to train your child on how to best use a telescope, and hand-to-eye coordination is required.

Video Magnifiers

In my opinion, video magnifiers are the best children's aids because they provide the highest form of magnification and the largest field of view.

These can be found both in hand-held and tabletop devices. Hand-held devices, of course, provide for more mobility, but the tabletop devices provide for greater ease when viewing items such as books.

I’m passionate about helping our younger generation successfully navigate the world and because of this, I’ve invested an immense amount of time investigating the various types of low vision aids for children.

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