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There are a lot of low vision keyboards available, but it is all about buying the right one for you. Keyboards are a form of assistive technology equipment that are designed to help those with low vision see and function easier. Because not all keyboards are created the same, we have created a list of things to look for when buying.

Contrasting Colors Are Key

It is easier to type and operate a keyboard when you have contrasting colors, like black on yellow, black on ivory, etc. Take a look at a few keyboards for low vision and see which has the color combination your particular vision can work with.

Bolder Typeface

You should be able to see all of the numbers and letters clearly. There shouldn’t be fancy typeface or small numbers. Everything should be bold and very easy to read.

Large Print

Most keyboards feature a larger print so that you don’t have to squint to see. The keyboards themselves might also be larger to accommodate the larger buttons and numbers, but this will make operating a computer much easier.

What About Low Vision Keyboard Labels?

If you have a keyboard and like it, you can purchase low vision keyboard labels instead. These are placed over the existing keyboard for easier use.

Other Features to Look For

  • Comfort – Not all keyboards are functional. Some are uncomfortable to use, especially for long periods of time. If you need your keyboard for work, go with one that is as comfortable as possible and doesn’t cause your wrists or fingers to ache.
  • USB Capabilities – You may need a low vision keyboard model with an extra USB port for other assistive technology you use while operating a computer.

Don’t forget about browsing the internet too. There are apps that can help you browse the web with ease, like BigBrowser. BigBrowser is an application that helps you navigate the web on your smartphone or iPad. It offers an extra-large keyboard, control feature, pinch zooming and other color themes so you can make viewing the internet a little easier. Apps like BigBrowser and other keyboard apps are available through Low Vision Technologies. 

larger keyboard buttons

Extra Tips When Using Your New Keyboard

  • Zoom out – Hold down Control (Mac users hold down Command key) key and then tap the “-“ key

  • Enlarge web page – Tap “+” key while holding down the Control key (Command)

  • Bring view back to its original size – Hold Control (Command) while tapping zero key. “0”

  • (Windows machine) Minimize all open windows to see your desktop – Hold down Windows key and then tap M…to bring back all windows, hold down Windows key and then Shift/M

Learning More About Low Vision Technology

I, too, live with low vision and am passionate about teaching about the technological advancements making our lives easier.

If you’d like details on other types of technology beyond available keyboards that can be helpful in your everyday activities, simply fill in the form below.

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