Financial Assistance For Low Vision and Visually Impaired

Financial assistance for low vision , there are special rules that may allow you to receive benefits when you cannot work or need assistance purchasing assistive technology due to your low vision disability. The Social Security Administration does pay benefits to those who have low vision through the disability insurance program and the Supplemental Security Income program.

Getting Financial Assistance for Low Vision

There are numerous state and national resources that provide financial aid for low vision sufferers. If you are in need of financial aid for assessment, treatment or assistive technology, there are programs for you. Some programs to look into include:

  • EyeCare America
  • Vision USA
  • Lions Clubs International
  • Mission Cataract USA
  • InfantSEE

You can also get funding for eye glasses or contact to help you live with your low vision. Some companies that provide financial assistance to low vision patients for eye glasses include:

  • Sight for Students
  • New Eyes for the Needy

Tips for Finding Low Vision Financial Assistance

Applying for low vision financial assistance is the same as applying for any other type of assistance. There is an application and medical examination required. You can have your physician fill out the necessary forms documenting your low vision as well as documenting your need for financial aid – especially if you need aid for treatment or assistive technology.

You will have to complete a low vision evaluation from a participating doctor, so speak to the financial aid office to get a list of participating physicians. Also, you will have to fill out an application. You are most likely going to meet with a financial aid representative in person.

What Can You Use Financial Assistance For?

Low vision financial aid and grants for low vision help you with:

  • Buying assistive technology equipment for your home or office.
  • Finding suitable caretakers or rehabilitation facilities for your low vision.
  • Obtaining medication and treatment.
  • Paying your bills and medical expenses if you cannot work because of your low vision.
  • Buying other assistive software, such as low vision apps.

There are apps that can help you fill out your financial assistance forms – including magnifiers so that you can read the fine print. VisionHunt is a visual aid tool made for the low vision community. It uses your smartphone camera to detect colors, light sources, etc. You can even use it to identify currency in your wallet. Get VisionHunt and other assistive technology apps from Low Vision Technologies today.

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