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There are plenty of assistive technology services out there today ready to help those who suffer from low vision or are visually impaired. These services help those with low vision acquire the necessary assistive technology and equipment they need to function in their everyday lives. Whether it is in school, at work or just around the house, assistive technology equipment is what helps people with low vision function as if they had full vision.

What Types of Assistive Technology Services Are There for Low Vision Consumers?

Assistive technology for those with low vision primarily focus on helping a person function, but also see better despite their impairment. Some types of services can provide:

  • Personal dialing systems for home or work phones
  • Large-button remotes, phones and other controls
  • Magnifiers to help them see on screen and while reading print
  • Generally oversized products for easier use
  • Wirelessly controlled door locks — for cars and homes
  • Voice activated products
  • Item locating devices

Why Voice Activated Products are Important

When people suffer from low vision, they are incapable of seeing as clearly or making out images like those without impairment. Voice activated products are popular among low vision consumers because they don’t require vision at all — just the ability to speak. Some popular low vision assistive technology equipment out there today includes:

  • Voice activated alarm clocks. They can read back the time, be programmed and even alert a person to get up without the consumer ever manually programming it by hand.

  • Voice activated phone dialers. These will dial a number based on what the consumer says — that way they don’t have to worry about finding the right buttons on their phone.

  • Voice activated remote controls. These control televisions, DVD players and even stereos. As a universal device, people with low vision can turn off their TV, change the channel and even record programming without touching the remote.

There are also software technologies available to help those with low vision. At Low Vision Technologies, we offer an array of unique apps that are exclusively designed for those with low vision. These apps are paid for, but you can receive a discounted rate by purchasing them through Low Vision Technologies instead of the Apple Store.

Low Vision Assistive Technology Apps

Apps for those with low vision have become increasingly popular over the past few years. For example, Big Browser is an iPhone app that helps those with low vision access the Internet. It uses an extra-large keypad control on the screen, expandable zoom feature, and multiple color schemes so that those with low vision can still find what they need online.

You can purchase the Big Browser app from Low Vision Technologies today, Whether you’re buying it for your personal use or to have better access for work and school-related research, this app will help you see the web and explore all there is without your low vision interfering.

Accessible World

At, you can access mp3 recordings about the following types of topics:

  • Issues facing visually impaired people
  • High tech products
  • Guide dogs
  • Fiction readings
  • Kitchen recipes
  • Journey through history
  • And much more

American Foundation for the Blind

The American Foundation for the Blind offers a wide range of assistive technology services to you:

Professional Development – online webinars and courses, books, articles and continuing education credits

Technology Evaluations

Introduction of Braille to Children

Online Community for Parents of Children with visual impairments

Career Connections – Helping connect students and job seekers with the correct match.

I have personally lived with low vision for over 25 years and have researched and studied all the wonderful assistive technology products available to you. If you’d like more detailed information, simply fill out the form below.

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