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This page is going to be a compilation of what I like and recommend using "The A Lady". or Alexa, PODCASTS I LISTEN TO AND RECOMMEND AND YouTube sites that I find very helpful., It:s a no0nonsense guide to unlimited information and hopefully entertaining guide to low vision technology information 


Alexa is becoming so versatile today that the A Lady as I like to call her can fill you in on your schedule for the day, turn the lights on and adjust the heat and air just to name a few , but she does so much more that most of us never dreamed could be done.  From calling our friends to reading our favorite book, even bring up a workout program to help us during this stay at home time. 

check out these 20 things you can ask Alexa 


Of course the first podcast i'm going to recommend is :

DOT TO DOT -  This is from the U.K. the host is Robin Christopher it is a 5 minute show that brings all that Alexa has to offer from asking questions to setting up a calendar or making a phone call and so much more . give it a try you won't be disappointed 

Here's a sample

RNIB  TECH TALK U.K. :  This is one of the best tech talk podcasts that i listen to always informative always spot on with details and always humorous to boot.  i am always learning something new from these guys.  

Here's a sample:

BE MY EYES. This is a podcast that gets deep into the blind and low vision experience. I always look forward to their interviews, they are in-depth and seem to always ask the right questions. Don't miss out on the next edition.

Here's a Sample

APPLE VIS PODCASTS;  This is everything accessibility and everything apple, if you can think of it, it's here.


The number of channels for accessibilities is amazing, there is something for everyone out there the channels i am going to list here are those i personal use and can recommend. 

THE BLIND LIFE;  This is accessibility at its best, giving us no nonsense reviews of products good or bad with lots of humor thrown in this is one of my favorite channels. 

THE BLIND BILLIONAIRE;  I found this channel when i first started mobility training His cane tutorials are very helpful, and his information on Crispr was enlightening. well worth you viewing

CIRCLE OF THE BLIND;  I found this young lady quit some time ago when i was i need of help with my android phone, i find her tutorials very easy to follow and if you need to know how to use an app or fix something that's gone wrong this is the place to make that happen.


SEEING AI:   This is an app I use all of the time. it reads short text, documents, product preview, persons, currency, scene preview, color preview, handwriting preview, and it has a light as well.  I use this is the grocery store for products, I also read my mail, check for colors and read signs outside with the scene preview. 

SCRIPT TALK  This is an app for reading my prescriptions a very helpful tool and one that I use consistently.

AIRA This is a paid app that will connect you too a professional trained to help low vision and the blind.  if you need to have something read to you or maybe you are having a problem with your computer that you cannot solve this app is there to help walk you through . I believe they still give the first five minutes free.  

BE MY EYES  This is a free app that allows your camera to focus on what you are looking at and a person on the other end of the phone can then talk to you through video chat and help you , whether it is in a store or outside and you need to know your surroundings.  

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