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 Apps for Students, with low vision, can lead to enough loss of eyesight to make it difficult for students to learn like their classmates. For some, it is difficult to perform everyday tasks, and a person with low vision may have difficulty reading, writing, recognizing faces and even watching television.

 For students, it can be especially challenging to overcome low vision. But, there are Apps for Students out there that help low vision students learn, communicate and even visualize colors.

Color Detection Apps

These Apps for Students are designed for the blind and those with low vision. Because children need to be able to learn colors – whether for school or just picking out an outfit – these apps are something to consider. Some apps detect real colors using the camera feature on a smartphone. Other apps detect color in the environment by scanning the entire scene and listing colors. Most of these apps are paid for and premium, but the cost is minimal.

Apps for Students
Reading Assistance 

Students with low vision may have difficulty reading textbooks or even the newspaper. There are apps for low vision students that can read documents out loud to the student. Some have full audio, while others only have partial audio. For those with low vision that just need words magnified, there are Apps for Students that can enhance color and magnify words for easier reading using the camera and scan function on a smartphone.


Students have to get around just as much as adults. Whether they are trying to navigate to a social event, to school or somewhere else, they need assistance seeing where they are going. There are apps that help identify where the student is and safely guide them to their destination. These apps use turn by turn directions so that the student can walk safely to where he or she needs to go.

Learning Braille

While students with low vision don’t always need to know braille, there are Apps for Studentss out there that help them if they do. Apps for low vision students often offer braille features, because some students with low vision will eventually develop blindness. Braillist, for example, is an app for those who are visually impaired and want to type or read braille accurately. From sending messages on social media to creating contractions and customizing the app, there are no limits to how much a student could type. Also, if the keyword allows it, the student can have words read out loud to him or her.

 Braillist is an app on the iTunes store. It has helped hundreds of students with low vision read and type braille so that they can communicate effectively. Low Vision Technologies has access to Braillist app and offers it along with other apps for low vision students. 


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Apple is leading the way in Apps for Students with applications they can upload to their iPhones and iPads.

iPad & iPhone - Hot Crackin Apps

AccessNote (American Foundation for the Blind’s official notetaker)

One feature AccessNote gives you that no other app does is both refreshable Braille and QWERTY keyboard displays. Other features include:

  • Always stay in the same place when taking notes with cursor tracking
  • Easily navigate through every character, word, line, paragraph and page
  • Excellent search features so you can find text in any note you’ve created
  • Keystroke efficiency
  • VoiceOver technology

As a visually impaired or blind student, you’re able to employ the same note taking skills as classmates with sight.


BigBrowser, from Braille Institute

BigBrowser allows for browsing on the Internet from your iPad, with multiple color theme options for easier reading, expanded pinch zooming, and extra large keyboard. Other features:

  • Sliding navigation allows for access to color themes
  • Favorites page & browsing history that’s easy to read
  • Navigation controls that big and easy to use
  • Delete buttons allow for clearing your text fields easily
  • VoiceOver technology
  • Allows for three browser windows
  • Easily hide or enable your keyboard controls
  • URL and search fields are large

Braille Sonar

Helps you with looking up and identifying Nemeth Code, Grade 2 Braille symbols and basic Computer Braille Symbols. Search can be done either by using the English abbreviation you’re looking up or by dots you see on the page.

Its database includes almost 500 Braille symbols, commonly misconstrued symbols and contractions.


Some people are using BrailleTouch to type 30 words a minutes or more. This app allows you to type on your iPad or iPhone by using Braille on your touchscreen.

As you enter Braille, each character and and/or word is read to you. This is one of the great apps for low vision students in terms of acting as a teaching tool.

The above can be used on their free version. If you decide to upgrade to the paid version, then you can also use the Braille touchscreen keyboard for emails, texts, and tweets.

These are only a few of the many great apps available for low vision or blind students that apply directly to the classroom. There are many other apps available.


BlindSquare helps you understand what is around you, which can make your physical location safer. This app uses GPS and a compass to assist you in understanding everything near you.

For example, you can ask it, “Where is the library, or where is the nearest coffee shop?”

In fact, as soon as you open the app, it begins telling you about street crossings and interesting places that you’re near. You can alter the radius to search, search by category or keyword, and even get contact info for your location, call them, access restaurant menus, etc.

This app even knows whether you’re traveling by bus, car or train.

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