Finding out the date and time

 This is the first thing I do every morning my other devices seem to be always charging and this is hands free and very helpful.

Setting alarms and reminders

Setting the alarm is quick and easy I can even have my favorite music to start my day.  

Reminders are very helpful to me, I can ask Alexa to remind me when to take a pill, or remind me of a meeting that I have planned. I can even get a reminder to take out the trash.


Adding things to your shopping list or to-do list

You can ask Alexa to start a shopping list and then add to it as you need, I like this feature because it never seems to amaze me how often I forget something at the store.  

A to do list is always a good thing I keep myself so busy that I am always forgetting something during the day It's nice to be have that at my voice command when I need it.

 Checking the weather

This is another first thing in the morning that I do. It's nice to know what the weather is out if I have to travel during the day.  She will give my timperature if it's sunny or cloudy and what the range of temps will be throughout the day. 


Getting the latest news

Staying on top of the news is very important these days, I found that I can ask her to give me the covidvirus news and this will keep me up to date.  

Using smart plugs

I am always looking for new technology that can make my life a little bit easier the smart plug is one of those items that does that for me

It's nice to walk in the house and ask Alexa to turn on the lights this is truly accessibility at its best

 Controlling the heating

There are many Smart phones that now can't control just about anything you do like in your home including the heating and air-conditioning

There is a thermostat that can be used with Alexa that can make your life a little bit easier by being able to turn the temperature up pan down with your boys

I haven't done this yet but I am looking forward to installing a thermostat that will allow me to do this since I can no longer read my thermostat


Controlling the lights

 Controlling your lighting with smart bulbs can make a huge difference to those with light sensitivity I know this firsthand since I am only blind being able to control the intensity of the light makes all the difference when I'm trying to concentrate on a project

Managing calendars

 These days staying on top of things is very important I can set I calendar up with Alexa there by making my day that much easier all l need to do is  ask her to schedule something on a certain date in time and she will do it I can also ask her then to remind me of that appointment

Finding recipes

Some people think that because I am legally blind that cooking is a problem for me but in reality it's not we have many ways of getting around the kitchen and getting our food made for us I enjoyed being in the kitchen cooking and trying out new recipes

 you need only ask Alexa for a recipe and she will find it read it out to you and then give you all the steps required

Setting timers

 You can ask Alexa to set the timer she will respond by telling you she has set the timer for the time you specified you can also ask her how much time is left on the timer

Listening to the radio

J you can listen to your favorite stations just by using your voice

Listening to music

There doesn't seem to be a day back go spy without me asking Alexa to play some music I listen every morning while making my breakfast


The one thing I have missed the most about losing by sight is that Reading a book it's impossible for me however today everything is digital and we now have Audible and Kendall and even the library of Congress to choose from

With Alexa I need to do is ask her to open up hide books in audible and give her the title I wish to have read I can also ask her to open up Kindle and she will pick up where I left off the last time I was listening she also has the capability of speeding up or slowing down the speech

Reading the TV guide

I can't remember the last time I read a TV guide you can ask Alexa to read the guide and when you find a program that you like you can ask her to remind you when it's on this is very helpful and saves a lot of time 

Searching and getting information

For the most part if I need information about a business or an event or activity are use my phone however there are times when a website is not very accessible took those of us with low vision or no vision so asking Alexa what time a business opens or what restaurants are nearby or what time movie starts or what's playing in the theatre, it makes it much easier just by asking Alexa and saves a lot of time

OKPurchasing items from your product history

If you are a prime member with Amazon you can purchase previously ordered items

If you have an Amazon spot you can search for any item and purchase


With Alexa you are able to make calls and send messages as well as speak with other Alexa Devices in your home 

Connecting devices via Bluetooth

Are use this all of the time by using Bluetooth to connect my AirPods so I can listen without bothering anybody around me

Playing accessible games

There are many games accessible to those of us with Lopez or no passion they are enter Active with the boys making them accessible to all ages including the very young you can ask her do you open Games List and she will give you a list you can also listen to a podcast called God to direct which opens employees some of these games it's a five minute podcast always interesting

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